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 May 14, 2010

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PostSubject: May 14, 2010   Fri May 14, 2010 5:51 pm

May 14th, 2010

Minigame. Mega Release.
It’s time for a /dance off!
Hello again! Sorry we released so late, but there was A LOT going into tonight’s release and we wanted to make sure everything was perfect. And not to mention, I was too busy smacking plates and offers away causing things to fly in my one eye that has no use for the release anyway...so naturally that set things a few hours back.

Right. On to the release. Where do I even begin? Let’s start with my favorite part: the Minigame! But you won’t be able to play it until you help the Great Godfather of Soul on his quests! Fight through a Hive teeming with Stingers and Killer Queen Bees (who drop their weapons, like pew-pew laser guns!) until you reach the cheating Lord Ovthedance boss. Apparently this hacker has magical dancing shoes and it’s up to you to defeat him where he stands! Dances. Whatever. Only when you defeat him will you be able to partake in the Mythsong Dance-off Minigame!

Listen to the music and feel the sweet beat! Use your Arrow Keys on your keyboard and hit the correct arrow when prompted. If you are a master at the classic game /dance/dance revolution, you should have no problem winning the dance off! So show us your moves, and remember: practice makes perfect score!

New Items and Hairstyles!
I am sooo excited to announce the arrival of new hairstyles! Pat Minotaur has a bunch of brand-new hairstyles to match your rockstar look… including my very own Dragonhawk style! Yaay! Head on over to her hair shop and get the ‘do that’s right for you. There are even 22 NEW hair colors to choose from that are simply to dye for!

7:26pm - Miko is still waiting for this mysterious second picture from Beleen

As if there weren’t enough items stocked in Mythsong Canyon’s shops… we have added even more! 14 more, in fact! Dorian Mode has the Knights In the Shadowscythe Service armor (K.I.S.S. for short) with 3 helms that really make the whole look complete. These are sellin’ for ACs, so you can always store them in your bank for free!
Jon Jett has 8 new Reputation items including the player-suggested Lord/Lady GoGo armor and helm. Yeah, and when you see it, you’ll agree that it’s simply ridiculous! Falco, the pet store dude, has a funkadellic Disco Duck pet for you too! And if you wanna get your hands on a Banjo that doubles over as a fierce weapon, talk to Metallika and she’ll hook you up!

Ha! Told you we had a lot going on! And by the time you finish reading this, the release should be live and ready to go! Enjoy this week’s release and see if you can get a perfect 94-combo in the Minigame! Good luck, remember not to smack plates and have fun! ^__^

7:30pm - Yay Beleen's slowness has concluded
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May 14, 2010
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