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 Master Rules

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PostSubject: Master Rules   Wed May 05, 2010 2:36 pm

At an attempt to keep the forum sane, these rules must be follow at ALL times.

#1- Keep it PG-13
Cursing, swearing, cussing, or however you want to refer to it is only allowed if used infrequently.
The reason for this is most people would do without swearing. Some may be sensitive to language, so please respect their wishes. NO "filter swearing"( such as ***** or SWE4R), to get over "greater" swear words.
If warnings are frequent, punishments will include temporary banning, perma banning.

#2- No spamming
What is spamming you ask? It is when a person attempts to fill the web page with useless information or letters. Certain forms of spamming would include
a- Character Spamming- Repeated use of one or more letters to spam.(such as, lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,
or something similar)
b- Picture Spamming- Posting a large image that takes up more than 300x300 pixels, signatures included
c- Request, or PM Spamming- sending PMs or Requests over and over for a response, the person has the
right to report you if necessary.
punishments include temporary banning, perma banning, and disabled features.

#3- No harassment
This is most likely the easiest broken. Do not report, troll, flame, or taunt ANYONE. Remember that the person you are talking to is an actual person, with feelings. Any type of prejudice against a person's or persons' background or ethnic group(such as racism) is NOT allowed in any way shape or form.
punishments include temporary banning, perma banning, and loss of privileges.

"What happens when I break a rule?"
If you break a rule, you will not get auto-banned forever. The first time you break a rule, you will get a warning. If rule breaking persists, you will be sent another warning, telling you the rule you are breaking. You must have repeated attempts at breaking the rule to get a temporary ban. If even more rule breaking persists, you will get a longer temporary ban. If after that you still refuse to follow the rules, you will be perma banned.

more rules may be added as needed, and these are not to be broken under any circumstances.
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Master Rules
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